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Wolfborn In The US – Promo


A few months ago, I became very excited because I learned that my novel Wolfborn was FINALLY becoming available in the US. It wasn’t quite what I would have liked – they were going to distribute it themselves instead of creating a new overseas edition – but still, it was available outside Australia and I felt as if the book was being released all over again. I had one gig on the blog Dear Teen Me , arranged by the publicist over there, which I wrote and waited for more to happen, meanwhile arranging the interview and giveaway on I Am A Reader Not A Writer. So I asked the US publicist what else was happening.

Her reply came this morning : nothing else is happening, unless I arrange it. She will of course support anything I do, but she’s finished with it. She only has a few review copies left anyway.
So,where have the others gone? I haven’t seen a single review from over there. It’s the way of things, I guess. I’ve been dealing with publishers for many years. I can remember when I had to send THEM copies of reviews I found, because they didn’t let me know. One publisher asked me for a publicity photo and then lost it, these being the days before email. Ah, well! Nothing to be done there.

I would like to see more sales in the US, and if I had known it would all be over so quickly with so little promo effort from that side of the ocean I would have done more, earlier.

So, I would like to invite requests for review copies. If you have a blog and haven’t read my novel and would like to, email me at the contact address on this blog. If you’re in the US I will send your address to the publicist there. If you live elsewhere I will send you a copy from my stash – I bought far too many at author price anyway.

I do suggest you check out the sample chapter on The Great Raven to decide if the book would interest you. It’s not compulsory, but it’s sensible. Postage is going to cost me and I would like to think that anyone who asks for it is asking for something that they actually want to read. Just so you know, it is NOT a paranormal romance, it does not feature a Mary Sue who discovers she is a princess and has to marry a gorgeous vampire, mer prince, faerie king, whatever. In fact, it’s seen from the boy’s viewpoint and the romance element is subtle and takes the whole novel to build up, so much so that some reviewers have accused it of being “tacked on”. It’s a mediaeval fantasy with werewolves.

If that doesn’t interest you, don’t request it. If you think you’d like to read and review this, let me know. I’ll look forward to hearing from you. 🙂



Wolfborn: Celebration Of The US Release


My novel Wolfborn arrived in the US on October 1. Since then, my publishers and I have been promoting. This morning, my interview and a giveaway has appeared here, on I Am A Reader Not A Writer, a famous book blog which runs a lot of giveaways and book promotions. In this case, there’s going to be a giveaway within the US only because my publishers are doing the posting – and the whole point, of course, is to celebrate the US release. 🙂

Why not check it out, even if you’re not in the US? The interview is hopefully fun, anyway.

It almost feels like the book has just come out, all over again. Hopefully, the sales will be good!


My Universe And Minh



See the photo? It’s of a piece of work done for VCD ( graphics) class by my former student, Minh.

Minh is an enthusiastic reader of fantasy, currently making his way through the Ranger’s Apprentice series by John Flanagan, but a few months ago he read and enjoyed my novel Wolfborn. And in that novel, the hero, Etienne, comes from a coastal town called Jervaux.

It’s a name I made up in tribute to my Renaissance Dance teacher, Helga Hill, who taught us a dance called the Bransle Des Chevaux (the Horses Bransle) in which you stamp like a horse. If you’re curious, go check out this dance on YouTube, where there are several groups performing it.

Anyway, Helga speaks her French with a German accent and “Chevaux” sounds like “Jervaux”. I couldn’t resist!

So I know Minh got it from my book, though I suspect he had forgotten where the word came from. As for me, I’m tickled pink!