Back Again! I think…


Yesterday I received a notification that I have a new follower, Leeece14, whom I actually know via Livejournal, and because she won a giveaway on one of my other blogs. Hi Leece! She also gave me a lovely mug with an orca on it. It has become my favourite mug.

Me in the StTe Library with the Dromkeen sculpture!

Me in the State Library with the Dromkeen sculpture!

The thing is, I haven’t posted here for some time. It was originally intended as a writing-themed site in case my young readers might look for me and find that what I keep up to date is a book review blog.

But I find WordPress harder to use than Blogger and simply gave up. And how many blogs can you keep anyway?

But I felt guilty and here I am, back again. Even if some of it is a repost of what I have posted elsewhere I will try to get going here again. If you have any questions I can work into a post, do feel free to ask. I have a lot of hits on The Great Raven, but only a few comments and sometimes I wonder who is reading or even whether I’m posting to a empty auditorium. So do comment! I will reply.


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