A Bit Of A Brag – Nice Review!


There have been some nice reviews of Light Touch Paper Stand Clear, a collection of SF and fantasy fiction in which I had a story. The latest is on a blog called Fantastical Librarian and very nice it is too. I don’t do a lot of adult fiction- mostly I write for teens and children – but I was invited to submit something for this. The title is the theme. It was very vague, but I assumed, from the writing brief, was that you had to suggest how something started.

My choice was the Trojan War. Queen Helen of Sparta was married to the man of her choice, Menelaus, but because so many kings and princes wanted to marry her, the deal was that those who hadn’t been chosen had to defend the one who was. The idea was to stop them fighting each other over her – but in the end, it meant that they all had to go to war for her when she ran off with Prince Paris of Troy! There were so many things you could do with this. I found myself using the version that said she hadn’t run off at all and they were fighting for a woman made of cloud by the gods, while she was in Egypt.

I love writing silly. In my novel there was a lot of silly, including a scene where a boy who has been bragging about all the girls he’s had and how good he is with them, is revealed to be nothing of the kind, by a unicorn… In this story, I played it all for laughs, making it as silly as I could.About half the story was told from Helen’s viewpoint and it almost wrote itself once I got going.

It’s great to be able to report that, so far, reviewers have liked it. 🙂



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