My Shoulder Bag Again


Late last night I finally finished reading Throne Of Glass by Sarah J.Maas, which already has its own Wikipedia entry. I will be writing the review later for my other blog The Great Raven, but I have popped two more books in my shoulder bag, also review copies.

I have just started reading Alyson Noel’s Echo, the sequel to Fated, which I read a couple of months ago. I liked Fated for its Native American themes, which were just a little different from the other paranormals I have read. I liked the wise grandmother thing and the fact that the horrible cheerleader types turned out to be quite nice after all. I did wish there had been fewer half sentences. You know. The kind that. Go like this. Because it makes everything. So dramatic! I know she’s famous and has sold far more books than I ever will, but. If I’d been her editor. I would have made her. Get rid of about ninety five per cent. Of these. However, I’m enjoying so far.

The other book is by Tara Moss, not one of her crime novels, but her third YA fantasy, The Skeleton Key. I haven’t read anything of hers, but I’m happy to give it a go, though I hope I can follow it without having read the others. The nice thing about Alyson Noel’s fourth children’s novel, in the Riley Bloom series, Whisper, was that I had no trouble at all following it without having read the others.

Well, I’m on the train to work and I’d love to get on with Echo before I get there.


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