Going Home And Doughnuts


Yesterday I got a lift to Footscray Station on my way home from school. I love that station, because in the middle of all the busy building and knocking down(and there’s more to come!) there is Olympic Doughnuts, a small stand where doughnuts have been sold for 31 years! My library technician, Lucy, tells me she took her children there when they were little and now they’re both grown up.

The same family has run the business all that time and there always seems to be a queue waiting for their hot, sugary deep- fried treats. And me. 🙂 They make the best, most delicious doughnuts I have ever tasted. You order you doughnut and they tip a fresh-cooked pile of them into the sugar tray. Then they pick one up and inject it with jam from a tool that has a dolphin’s head on it. You pay and carry away your warm paper bag of sweet goodness on to the train. Of course, you have to eat it right away or what’s the point?

I believe the place is going to stay open and where it is during the next lot of station building, because, let’s face it, what would the travellers do without their fresh doughnuts? And it’s the freshness that does it. Anywhere else you get stuff that was cooked elsewhere and maybe warmed up. It’s just not the same and I won’t buy them. So once in a while, when I’m dropped off at Footscray station, I shout myself. It’s a small treat, but sometimes that’s what you need.



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