Dear Teen Me


Back in July, I got some very welcome news from a lady called Shara Zaval in the US. My novel Wolfborn was finally going to be available over there and she was inviting me to help in the promotion by doing a guest post for a blog called Dear Teen Me. This is a book blog with a difference. Most of them, including my own Great Raven, do book reviews and maybe interviews with writers(and for a really great interview with YA novelist Justin D’Ath by guest bloggers Rhiannon and Braydon, why not wander over there as soon as you finish reading this post?)

But Dear Teen Me is entirely made up of letters from writers to their teen selves. It has been so successful that they recently published a book of seventy of these letters. I had to supply a letter to Teen Sue, a photo of me as a teenager and one more recent one. The post was no problem. I remember the nerdy kid I was, always scribbling, but with ambitions to act. But photos? I couldn’t find much in the way of snapshots of me at that time – some of me as a primary school kid, then into my early twenties, but only official pics of me in my teens, possibly because I was usually the one behind the camera when I got one. I found a black and white professional photo of me at my sister’s engagement party, in the rose garden of my aunt’s house in Balwyn. It was not too bad and I used it.

I think it’s a great site and will be going back to it to see who else is there, pouring out their teen hopes and dreams to the world.

Anyway, the link to my own post is here.


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