Harry Potter 3


I’m rereading, for the umpteenth time, Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban. It’s probably my favourite of the lot. It’s the last of the books in which nobody dies, but at the same time, you’ve learned a lot more about the world into which Harry has fallen. Innocent people can be sent to prison just because it will shut up the public – we found that out in The Chamber Of Secrets, in which loveable Hagrid is sent there just so the Minister of Magic can look as if he’s doing something. We also learned that there was slavery in the wizarding world.

In this book, we find out that Azkaban is more than just a jail. It’s a place where the guards are vampires which – not who – drain you of all hope and joy. They don’t need any bars to keep the prisoners in.

There’s still humour. I am pretty sure that the description of a cage full of purring fluff balls in a magical pet hop early in the book is a wink at Star Trek’s tribbles. It never says so, but I bet they are.

J.K. Rowling is one of those amazing writers who can appeal to adults and children and everyone in between and anyone who refuses to read these books is missing out. So often I read a YA novel that has had rave reviews, don’t like it at all and have to remind myself that it wasn’t written for me. Not in this case.

I reread the entire series from time to time because after finishing the last book, I want to go back to when Harry was 11 years old, innocent and just discovering he’s a wizard.

Sigh! Why can’t I write like this woman?
Anyone else out there who rereads HP regularly? Do comment and tell us why.


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