What’s To Read In My Shoulder Bag


I’m on my way home from the pool. it’s been a long day at work and a refreshing swim, but now I can read.
Since I got my iPad I’ve taken a stack of books with me every day, but my carry bag has one paperback in it : Oliver Phommavanh’s new novel Punchlines, about a boy with an interest in standup comedy and even more interest in the girl next door Josie.

Oliver Phommavanh is such a funny writer and a funny man. I took my book clubbers to hear him at the State Library sat year and they loved him. And now there are two new books out, this one ad Thai-no-Mite(a sequel to Thai-riffic), which is currently on loan. Must finish this one tonight, after I get home and eat, and then I will review it on The Great Raven

And in a couple of weeks I’ll be seeing him at the YABBAs.

Has anyone reading this got a book they’re reading, to share here?


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