My Universe And Minh



See the photo? It’s of a piece of work done for VCD ( graphics) class by my former student, Minh.

Minh is an enthusiastic reader of fantasy, currently making his way through the Ranger’s Apprentice series by John Flanagan, but a few months ago he read and enjoyed my novel Wolfborn. And in that novel, the hero, Etienne, comes from a coastal town called Jervaux.

It’s a name I made up in tribute to my Renaissance Dance teacher, Helga Hill, who taught us a dance called the Bransle Des Chevaux (the Horses Bransle) in which you stamp like a horse. If you’re curious, go check out this dance on YouTube, where there are several groups performing it.

Anyway, Helga speaks her French with a German accent and “Chevaux” sounds like “Jervaux”. I couldn’t resist!

So I know Minh got it from my book, though I suspect he had forgotten where the word came from. As for me, I’m tickled pink!


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