Going To YABBA!


On November 7 I’m going to my first YABBA awards ceremony. I will be taking six delightful Year 10 students who were my foundation Book Club and will, sadly for me, be heading to our senior campus next year. They’re looking forward to their last excursion with me.

The event will be held, this year, at Trinity Grammar. I asked Mr Graham Davey, head of YABBA, if we could offer our school for another time and he said we were welcome to apply, if we had space for 300! Alas, we have no hall and our library is only big enough for 200. Oh, well. So much for that bright idea.

Still, it will be a nice event, with the likes of Gabrielle Wang, Oliver Phommavanh, Andy Griffiths and my friend George Ivanoff. Many more, of course.

Oh, and me. šŸ™‚ Mr Davey asked me if I was coming as a writer and I said I hadn’t been invited. He said that of course, the shortlisted writers had had to be invited first, but I was most welcome to come.

I don’t need to be asked twice! I put together a brief author note for the program and emailed it, together with the numbers of students I’d be bringing. I feel a little guilty that I can’t take al my book clubbers, but it’s just too far for me to bring them from Sunshine and they couldn’t be asked to meet me in town, but the Year 10s can.

I’ll have to buy them some books by their favourites and get them signed.


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