Submitting Stories


I’ve submitted two stories in the last week. Well, three, really, if you count the one I submitted to Fablecroft, but that was not wanted, so I’ve had aNormally, I’ll put a story away for a while before I send it out, but there were short deadlines  – two on the same day – so I thought, what-the-heck, I’ll take my chances. The worst that can happen is that they will be rejected, but I’ll have two new stories I didn’t have before and sooner or later someone will buy one or both of them. Earlier this year I sold a story I’d had lying around, having brought it out,dusted it off and given it a rewrite. You can be too close to a story.

It sounds silly, but I really like the theme anthologies that Aussie small press does, because if you don’t have a story ready, it gives you somewhere to start, a bit like the story starters you get at school. It’s amazing what pops up in your head when you read the challenge of an anthology someone is putting together. “After the rain” or “one small step” or “myths and legends” you read and think,”Hey, what if…?”

I should add, by the way, that as a teacher I don’t make my class do what I won’t or can’t. When i give them story prompts I invite them to choose three story prompts from the list for me to write while they’re working – then I do them, while still keeping an eye on the class to see who needs help and who is not doing anything! 😉 

As a writer I like the prompt to start me off. Short fiction is mostly what I’m doing right now with no book commissions, but I am working on a novel in between class preparation and reviewing OTHER people’s books. Doing short fiction keeps my hand in and seems to be working so far.

Anyway, fingers crossed that one or both stories sell!


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